Tropical Storm Nicole

Nicole formed over the northwestern Caribbean in late September 2010 and swept Northeast across Cuba and Jamaica before disappating over the Straits of Florida. Nicole was absorbed by a larger mid-latitude storm that swept up the East Coast September 30-October 2. The stormed dropped 22.5 inches of rain on Wilmington, the most ever recorded over a 5 day period.  Windsor, the seat of Bertie County, was substantially flooded.

Travel to the Pamlico River was impacted by flooding of US 264 at Tranter's Creek.

13.75 inches of rain fell at the station on St. Clair Bay. The river level rose over 2 feet above the mean to a record high for our observations, peaking at 5.4 feet. The wind blew consistently from the SE over the course of the week, graphics below illustrate the correlation between the water level, the wind speed and the rain. At the peak on September 30, rain fell at nearly 2 inches/hour.

Nicole water and wind
Nicole water level and rain (per half hour interval)